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Julie Turberville

My son, Ryan Turberville (AKA "Two Ears"), was just telling me last night that he loves coming to Taekwondo here because he has finally found a place where he feels comfortable to be himself. He does not have to be what someone else wants him to be or hold back what he is feeling. He said he is free here to be the best he can be and not be ashamed of it! He loves the respect and encouragement that he is expected to give to others and that he receives from everyone. I have seen my son grow into a very respectful young tween in the last 6 months and I am so proud of him! I look forward to what the future holds for him!

Ryan Turberville and Family

And, my other son, Steven Noel, has only been going here a couple of months, but I can already tell a huge improvement in his life. His confidence, respect for himself and others, drive to do better and be a better person has improved tremendously and it has been amazing to watch. It is great to see him making goals for himself and looking forward to what his future holds again. This has been a long time coming! Proud of you Steven! "Keep on shaking off the dirt and taking a step up!" To understand this, please look up the parable of the Donkey and the Well. It is a very good life lesson and it came into our lives at just the right moment and spoke to all of us.

I am very proud of all 3 of my sons... Steven Noel, Bobby Noel, & Ryan Turberville (Two Ears) and love them all more than they could ever imagine! I love to see all of my kids excel and be passionate about what they do. I want nothing more than for all of them to be happy and successful in life.

ATA Supreme Martial Arts and the Boswell's, the instructors and students have been wonderful to us and they have all welcomed us into this family like we just belonged here all along! I could never repay them for all they have done for us and look forward to being a part of this family for a very long time!

Ryan Turberville with Ms. Niki

Heather Phillips

"We started taekwondo with my daughter, Addison, first. She was interested in learning a new sport and always thought it would be awesome to know how to defend herself. I knew she also needed to build her self-confidence and so we joined Master Boswell's.

After watching her participate in class and in tournaments, her younger brother, Aiden, decided he wanted to try it too. So, knowing that boys need an outlet for energy and seeing how they teach respect and self-discipline, I enrolled him too.

These two children have thoroughly loved taking taekwondo. They love to compete within themselves as well as encouraging each other to be their best.

Then, there is my other son, Gavin. He didn't want to participate because standing at attention close to other children, hearing all the noise and not feeling like everyone else made him overwhelmed and sad. Gavin has autism. I knew deep down he did want to be a part of what his siblings were doing, he just couldn't do it like they did.

So, after talking with Master Boswell and his wife, Niki (aka Mrs. B), they worked with Gavin alone and eased him into a class when he was ready.

It didn't take long because Gavin recognized they understood his differences. They understood that he could only do so much for so long and then he was finished. They learned to watch the signs and were completely wonderful with him.

From this, stemmed a desire to teach other children like Gavin in the same way that made them comfortable to learn in their own way – Mountain Climbers.

Since starting almost two years ago, Gavin walks into class with confidence, does his forms to the best of his ability and now even works with instructors other than Mrs. B, because he knows they all love him just as he is. They are encouraging and push him to his limit and he trusts them.

Addison has earned her 1st Degree Black Belt and couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments, understanding that continuing her training will keep her conditioned for life.

Aiden is two belts from earning his black belt and strives each day to make sure he is doing what he needs to do on the mat and in his everyday life.

Gavin doesn't struggle to walk into the gym, he knows what to do when he gets there and truly enjoys leading the younger kids. Now, he works hard and can do his form by himself!

Master Boswell's Supreme Martial Arts has been an excellent place for my children to learn confidence, respect, discipline and love."

Latoria and Jeremy Johnson

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for the work you did with Jeremy Johnson.

He started two years ago progressed from a white belt to a rec black belt.

When Jeremy started he was very shy. Now he loves to train with the Boswells. He is disciplined and more outgoing.

We really appreciate you guys' hard work. Keep up the great job.


All the kids who attend Ron Boswell ATA seem to love to train.

Thank you,

Latoria and Jeremy Johnson"


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