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Confidence, Focus, and A Black Belt Attitude!


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2 - 7 Years Old

Sr. Master Boswell's Supreme Martial Arts

Sr. Master Boswell has taught Songahm Taekwondo for more than 30 years - 17 of those years to his students in North Mississippi.

Our focus has always been on helping individuals and families achieve their goals not only in Martial Arts but also in life.

We are family-oriented and provide activities to help families bond around the Martial Arts. The family that kicks together sticks together.

Taekwondo builds you up in body and in mind by promoting discipline, focus, and other life skills combined with fun, energetic workouts.

Whether you're young or old it is never too late to learn self-defense while keeping your body and mind in shape.

We have seen many students who struggle with focus, concentration, even ADHD improve their studies or job performance by applying the principles and techniques taught at our academy.

We also work with students who must overcome physical or mental challenges through our Mountain Climbers program.

We have taught students with autism, Down's Syndrome, blindness, and other challenges.

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All of our instructors have undergone rigorous and intensive training and are dedicated to helping you succeed in your training. Few things are more exciting to us than watching a student progress from White Belt (beginner) to the highest ranks of Black Belt.

Summer Pool Party

Summer Pool Party