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Truly amazing demonstrations of Martial Arts skills are on display at Supreme Martial Arts and you will a have a blast as you participate in each new class. You will see and do things you thought only happen in movies.

But while you are having fun in class learning new techniques, refining techiniques you have already learned, getting stronger and in better shape more subtle changes are taking place. Most students don't realize at first all of the ways they are growing as a student of Supreme Martial Arts.

While our students are busy kicking, punching, and sweating in class they are also developing; a deeper RESPECT for themselves and others, more CONFIDENCE in themselves, greater SELF-ESTEEM, heightened FOCUS, increased CONCENTRATION, and a strong sense of COMMUNITY. Our Supreme Martial Arts family is there to help each other every step along the way.

In the words of Grand Master H.U. Lee the founder of our parent organization: "Today not possible Tomorrow possible!"

Eternal Grand Master H U Lee
Grand Master H.U. Lee

Southaven Supreme Martial Arts For The Entire Family


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The best answer to this question is - try it! Our classes are designed to be fun as well as challenging. Many of our Black Belt students were just as uncertain when they first passed through our doors. Stop by for a free introductory class or contact us to schedule a visit.
Nervous? Relax and let our professionally trained staff guide you through your journey to becoming a certified Black Belt. Our Black Belt instructors have spent YEARS working with students who didn't think they were any good
Shyness is most often caused by a lack of confidence. As each student progresses through our classes he/she will naturally develop the CONFIDENCE needed to overcome shyness. It is a basic principle of Martial Arts that has been demonstrated time and again. When the student masters new skills and learns to defend themselves self-esteem grows and brings with it CONFIDENCE.
ABSOLUTELY! Our Mountain Climbers program centers on helping students with Autism and other special situations. Additionally, students with physical limitations are encouraged to progress at their own pace doing as much as the body will allow. You may well find you can do far more than you ever thought possible!
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Our programs are designed to allow you to work at your own pace and your skill level. Wether you're four, forty, or a hundred and four you can study our Martial Art. In our classes students are taught on an age and ability appropriate level. We do not expect our sixty-year old students to jump and kick like our sixteen year old students. But if they can - GREAT!
We accept children as young as 3 years old and teenagers and adulst of all ages. Classes are structured to be be age and developmentally appropriate with separate classes for children, adults, and physically or developmentally challenged individuals.

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